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Koi Fish Pond Construction and Building
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The Complete And Easy Guide To Koi Fish Pond Construction...

Koi Fish Ponds are very popular with more and more people adding a Koi fish pond to their backyard every day!  The brightly colored Japanese fish are a delight to watch and feed, and having a beautiful Koi pond in your backyard is a feature to admire. 

Building a Koi fish pond does require different materials than a regular backyard pond, so it's essential to get it right the first time.  In this ebook you will find everything you need to get started.  You could spend hundreds of hours online searching for the information yourself, like I did, or you can benefit from my research!  Also, you will get a free bonus ebook that will teach you how to care for your Koi Fish and keep them healthy.

Here's What You'll Learn About
Building Your Koi Fish Pond...

Koi Fish Pond Building and Construction

    How to Design Your Pond - Critical factors you must consider when
       planning the shape and design and choosing the right location - Getting
       this right the first time is essential

   You'll learn what depths are best for your Koi fish and why this is so
       important and different to most back yard ponds

   You'll learn what types of drainage and filters are necessary to ensure a
       healthy Koi pond - without the correct filtration and oxygenation you'll
       lose your fish very quickly. 
A good filtration system is the difference
       between a slimy, smelly mess and a nice healthy environment that
       allows your koi to grow and thrive

   The importance of plants in your pond and what plants to add.  Some
       plants can be poisonous to your fish, so you must be careful what you
       add.  You'll also learn which plants are best for algae control and the five
      different types of plants you'll need and the best way to plant them

   You'll learn about the material and supplies you need for different types
       of ponds, such as concrete or fiber glass ponds, including flow meters,
       PVC piping, pond thermometers, pond heaters, skimmers and more

   The importance of bottom drains and where to place them, (diagrams

   Where to place the drainage system and the waterfall feature for best

   How to place the liner and types of underliner materials including
      concrete and PVC

  You'll learn about mechanical, biological, and vegetable filters and why
      you need them for your Koi fish pond

   The importance of water testing for pH levels, ammonia and nitrates -
      How to test and how often, and how to correct imbalances - How to
      maintain your pond year round

   Get straight answers about stocking your pond with Koi fish and how
      many fish you can safely have in the pond size you choose

   How, what, and when to feed your Koi fish... and much much more! 

PLUS You'll receive a free bonus ebook - $19.00 value -  This guide will show you lots more about caring for your Koi and your plants, and ensure a happy healthy pond.  Take advantage of my hundreds of hours of research and save yourself a fortune in the long run!

Build An Easy Koi Fish Pond How To Care For Your Koi Fish

Here's What You'll Learn From
"How To Care For Your Koi Fish"

Koi fish swimming in pond

    You'll learn about the different types of Koi fish and the history of Koi

    How to diagnose a sick fish and how to treat it

    How to make a quarantine tank and how to treat the water with the right
       amount of salt, salt type, and other medicines

   How to tell if your fish is male or female

   Secrets to breeding more Koi and ensuring more eggs survive

   When to add your Koi to your new fish pond - crucial to not losing your fish

  How to enhance the colors of your fish

   You'll also learn how to protect your Koi from predators

  You'll learn the many foods that Koi will eat, how to feed them and how
      often depending on temperatures and seasons - you can kill your fish if
      you feed them the same amount year round

   How to train your Koi fish to feed from your hand and much much more!

  You will also save yourself research time, eliminate frustration, and more
     quickly enjoy your Koi pond. 

Buy this Guide, print it out, get out your highlighter, and be ready to scribble notes on these pages! ... You'll be referring to this Guide over and over again.

With all the great resourses, how-to instructions, and tips included in "Koi Fish Ponds Made Easy" and "How To Care For Your Koi Fish", you really can't go wrong. You can easily build your own Koi Fish Pond in no time!

This Guide has helped lots of people. Try it with no risk! ... Request an easy automatic instant refund if you are not 100% satisfied -- and you can still keep the Guide. We trust your honesty.



"Wow Michele!  I was just floored with the amount of useful information, helpful hints, and wonderful illustrations in your ebooks on Koi Ponds and Koi Fish.  These are, hands-down, the best information sources I have found on the subject!  Anyone who has ANY interest in Koi Fish or Koi Ponds will find these guides essential and I will be happy to recommend them to anyone who has an interest in this subject.  You did a fantastic job on these great guides!"
--Dayne Herren from Kansas

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I bought your ebook yesterday and read it from cover to cover.  I am even more excited now about building my koi pond than ever.  The detailed information gave me a thorough list of what I will need, plus the best way to build it.  Thanks again.

Alan Thomson, California


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